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Friday, 31 December 2010

New Year's Resolutions or Would Likes for 2011

1. I should learn to drive but lack confidence to do so. It would give me so much freedom I am sure and relieve various family pressures too.

2. I would like a date night with Him Indoors at least once a month instead of the current random from one to four nights per year.

3. I would like to see my newly found old schoolfriend at least every month to six weeks to build up the friendship

4. I would like to write a heartfelt and brilliant novel

5. I would like to continue with my reviewing of products and services on Mum's Arcade.

6. I would like to use my websites and blogs to help others so get in touch if you have any ideas of how I can do that

7. I would like to become a much better mother

8. I would like to become a better partner and to have that reciprocated too

9. I would like to develop a totally new interest and make some new friends

10. I would like to learn to be less at the mercy of my emotions and to engage in less negative thinking at times of pressure.

How many are possible do you think? Will be interesting to review this list this time next year!

Happy New Year to all readers of my blog and Twitter and Facebook friends

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