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Monday, 13 December 2010

CBeebies Song Time - Double CD Pack

Our children were so excited to see the CBeebies word on the front of the CD Pack. They started jigging about even before we took off the plastic packaging.

We had such a fun afternoon as they danced around to music from their favourite telly programmes.

The 2CD album features 50 tracks from the BBC Children’s Channel.

My 5 year old is currently obsessed with Postman Pat so he was happily singing along. My 6 year old particularly enjoyed hearing more from Big Barn Farm. Even my teenager in training could not help himself and liked being reminded of how much he enjoyed Bob the Builder and the Tweenies.

This album is ideal for playing anytime but especially when it is raining outside or the children tell you they are bored. Also perfect for playing at parties and using for games such as Pass the Parcel.

We love CBeebies and we sing along with Song Time.

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