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Friday, 3 December 2010

Teething is stressful but Boots Baby can help

Teething is the emergence of the first teeth through a baby's gums. It helps to know what to expect when your child is teething, and how to make the process a little less painful.

Generally, teething first occurs between six and 24 months of age. For some babies, it can cause quite a bit of discomfort and irritability because the sensation is new to the baby. A full set of baby teeth (24 in all) should have come through by his or her third birthday.

When your baby’s teeth start coming through, you may notice a change in their behaviour as well as some physical changes. Boots Parenting Club Health Visitor Angela Davey says: “They may have a red cheek on the side of their face from which they are teething, and chew enthusiastically on anything they can get into their mouths. Babies experiencing painful teething episodes may have sore gums, cry more than normal, be less hungry than usual and may even have diarrhoea, as teething can affect their whole body, not just their mouth. They may also have a temperature, runny nose and a sore bottom.”

There are many things that you can give your baby when he or she is teething to help make the experience less painful. Boots Parenting Club Pharmacist Angela Chalmers says: “The knawing action of teethers is extremely soothing to your baby and can help the teeth break through. If your baby has sore gums, then an antiseptic teething gel might help ease the pain locally. Teething powders based on chamomile extract can also help to calm and soothe your baby. Follow your instinct as a parent: if you feel something is not quite right with your child, you are probably right, and if in doubt, speak to your pharmacist. If we can help within the pharmacy we will, and if it needs referral, we will help advise you on who you need to speak to."

The Boots Baby Teething Range can help you and your baby progress through each stage of teething. From gentle soothing and comforting through to cleaning and massaging, the range is specially designed to cater for your baby's need at each developmental stage.

New Boots Baby Cooling Flower Teethers (2 pack, £2.49) are ideal for soothing your baby’s gums during the early teething stages (pack copy). The various soft textured surfaces massage your baby’s gums, and the convenient multi pack means that whilst your baby is using one, the other can be placed in the fridge to chill. (Suitable for three months plus. Available from November).

New Boots Baby Cooling Hand Teether (£1.50) is also ideal for soothing your baby’s gums during the early teething stages (pack copy). The fun hand shaped design is ideally shaped for little mouths and the teether can also be placed in the fridge to chill to provide extra relief. (Suitable for three months plus. Available from November).

New Boots Baby Fruit Shaped Teether (£3.49) is a bright and fun distraction from teething pain. It is easy for your little one to hold and chew, and helps to soothe gums and emerging teeth. (Suitable from six months plus. Available from November)

New Boots Baby Fun Rattle Teether (£2.99) is an interactive teething toy. The rattling beads help to stimulate your baby whilst the water filled textured chamber massages sore gums (pack copy). (Allow the teether to chill in the fridge for extra soothing relief.) (Suitable from six months plus. Available from November)

Boots Sugar Free Teething Gel 3 Months Plus (15g, £1.55) is an antiseptic, pain relieving gel specifically designed to quickly relieve the pain of teething and sore gums (pack copy). (Do not use if your child is under three months, unless advised by your doctor. Always read the label).

Our mummy tester said, "Teething is a stressful time for both mum and baby. Boots have affordable products that help. I found the gel really effective and my son loved the fruit shaped teether which doubles up as a colourful toy".

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