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Thursday, 2 December 2010

The Secret of the Amulet - a wonderful book for children aged 8-12 years

The Secret of the Amulet is a great adventure story full of danger and dark magic It is aimed at 8 -12 years and appeals to both boys and girls. It is a proper book with a good use of descriptive language and comes in at 274 pages long. So independent readers will enjoy it but parents will also enjoying reading it out loud as a bedtime story.

After the death of his mother, 14 year old Noel begins life with his uncle and cousin Cassie at Greythorps manor.

Noel and Cassie discover a box Noel’s mother left containing a gold necklace with a dark red stone called the Amulet, and a note to say to take it to the mountains. Together they journey through the forest towards the city of Talibar, once ruled by the legendary Seven but now controlled by the Emperor and three Guardians who can command the elements.

Noel and Cassie meet Mark and Penny (part of an underclass called ‘borgs’, who live like slaves until the age of fifteen when they are taken to work in the factory).

Noel, Cassie and Mark escape from Talibar by dressing up as the three Guardians (of Fire, Water and Earth). Together they complete the journey to the mountain, where they meet Elboz, the leader of a group living outside the rule of the Guardians who help rescue the borgs from the factory.

Following clues from the note Noel’s mother left, they try to return the Amulet to its rightful owner.

My son aged 10 loved this book and was to be found reading it at times when I would normally find him attached to one of his electronic gaming machines. Anything that encourages children and boys in particular to read is a good thing. This book is reminiscent of Tolkein's great stories and is highly recommended.

The Secret of the Amulet has a RRP of £8.99

Intended Readership 8 -12 years old
Publisher’s Contact details
Helen Broderick
Distributer’s Contact details
Central Books

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