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Thursday, 16 December 2010

Children's Christmas Book ideas from Scholastic

Phenomenal fiction:

A WEB OF AIR by Philip Reeve
Paperback £6.99 November 2010 Ages 10+
In a faraway corner of a ruined world, a mysterious boy is building a flying machine. Birds help him, and so does a beautiful, brilliant, half-human engineer called Fever Crumb. But powerful enemies stalk them - either to possess their revolutionary invention, or to destroy the secrets of flight forever. The breathtaking new story from the awesome world of Mortal Engines. Award-winning writer Philip Reeve creates an extraordinary new city of moving buildings and human birds in a classic novel that continues the story of Fever Crumb,shortlisted for the CILIP Carnegie Medal.
“The Mortal Engines series is one of the most inventive and ambitious
children’s novel sequences of recent years” Nicolette Jones

MOCKINGJAY by Suzanne Collins
Paperback £6.99 August 2010 Ages 13+
Against all odds, Katniss Everdeen has survived the Hunger Games twice. But now that she's made it out of the bloody arena alive, she's still not safe. The Capitol is angry. The Capitol wants revenge. Who do they think should pay for the unrest? Katniss. And what's worse, President Snow has made it clear that no one else is
safe either. Not Katniss's family, not her friends, not the people of District 12...
“The Hunger Games is amazing” Stephenie Meyer
“Constant suspense… I couldn’t stop reading” Stephen King

Hardback £10.99 June 2010 Ages 14+
When Pancho arrives at St. Anthony's Home, he knows his time there will be short. If his plans succeed, he'll soon be arrested for the murder of his sister's killer. But then he's assigned to help DQ, whose brain cancer has slowed neither his spirit nor his mouth. As Pancho tracks down his sister's murderer, he finds himself
falling under the influence of DQ, and beginning to understand that there's more to life than revenge. This is the staggering UK debut from an exceptional new talent and the New York Times best-selling author of
Marcelo in the Real World.
“[A] novel of lonely quests and unlikely friendship. Stork’s latest marks him as one of the most promising young adult authors of the new decade; it features unforgettable characters confronting the big philosophical questions in life that will resonate with readers long after book’s end”
Horn Book, starred review

Hardback £6.99 October 2010 Ages 9+
When Giuseppe finds a green violin washed up in New York docks, somehow he KNOWS it will change his life. But how? The very same day, Hannah, a maid at a local hotel, gets a strange new mistress. Why are Madame X and her mysterious Russian minder living in a hotel? What are they hiding from? Across the square, Frederick, a clockmaker's apprentice, hides his dark terrors, and an amazing gift. There is nothing to link these three children, except the green violin and a chance encounter on the street. But soon they are swept away in an epic adventure. A mesmerizing story of chance, friendship, and courage.

LINGER by Maggie Stiefvater
Paperback £7.99 July 2010 Ages 13+
In Shiver, Grace and Sam found each other. Now, in Linger, they must fight to be together. For Grace, this means defying her parents and keeping dangerous secrets. For Sam, it means grappling with his werewolf past ... and figuring out a way to survive the future. But just when they manage to find happiness, Grace finds
herself changing in ways she could never have expected...
“If you are a fan of Twilight then you will LOVE Shiver” WBQ

Paperback £8.99 August 2010 Ages 7+
George Beard and Harold Hutchins present the sensational saga of two silly caveboys named Ook and Gluk.
Ook and Gluk have a pretty awesome life growing up together in Caveland, Ohio, in 500,001 BC - even though they're always getting in trouble with their nasty leader, Big Chief Goppernopper. But Ook and Gluk's idyllic life takes a turn for the terrible when an evil corporation from the future invades their quiet town...

Paperback £5.99 June 2010 Ages 9+
Welcome back, Babysitters! Don’t miss the brand new prequel to the globally successful Babysitters Club series. Roll back the years to 1986 when life was simple, summer went on for ever, and schoolgirls everywhere were going crazy for a must have series called The Babysitters Club. Discover how the girls became friends and how that friendship grew into a very special club.
Over 176 million copies of The Babysitters Club books have been sold worldwide!

SPARKS by Ally Kennen
Paperback £6.99 April 2010 Ages 8+
Coffin-stealing, boat-burning, telling lies - Carla's crazy plan includes them all. To make Grandpa's secret dream come true, she's going to break the law and every rule she's ever known. But he'll get his dying wish - a real Viking funeral. A brilliantly original and funny novel for younger readers from the prize-winning Ally
Kennen. Longlisted for the Guardian Children’s Fiction Prize 2010

Paperback £5.99 September 2010 Ages 9+
Philip Reeve is an extraordinary children’s author. He won the Guardian Children’s Fiction Prize with his Mortal Engines series and the prestigious 2008 CILIP Carnegie Medal with Here Lies Arthur. No Such Thing As Dragons is a tale that will transport you to bleak, snow-covered mountains veiled in folklore. In characteristic style, Philip Reeve has broken boundaries with this
book and approaches the legend of dragons from a unique, and very contemporary, perspective.
‘Conjured from legend and delivered via the capable hands of the award-winning Reeve, No Such
Thing as Dragons is sure to set you shivering with a cosy fear’ Waterstone’s Books Quarterly

MAN OF THE MATCH by Dan Freedman
Paperback £5.99 July 2010 Ages 9+
Jamie Johnson is at the top of his game. After a traumatic accident a year ago, he didn’t know if he’d ever play football again and now he’s the star player for his beloved Hawkestone United, he’s the highest paid teenage footballer in the country, not to mention the highest scorer in the Premier League. But when a new footballer, Bertorelli, is bought by Hawkestone United things start to go wrong. His dreams are shatteringaround him and his love of the beautiful game is being tested to its limits.
“Jamie Johnson is my type of footballer” Ryan Giggs
“Pure Joy” The Times on Golden Goal

Fun-packed and fact-packed:
FIND CHAFFY by Jamie Smart
Paperback £5.99 August 2010 Ages 6+
A number of Chaffies have wandered off into the great wide world. They are friendly, trusting, but not very worldly, so volunteers are needed to help them find their way home. Some of the more adventurous Chaffies have trekked as far as the North Pole, while others are haunting a remote graveyard. They are white and
round, with a smiling face. They only have one and a half ears.

illustrated by Martin Brown
Hardback £12.99 October 2010 Ages 8+
At last, Terry Deary turns his hand to the blood-curdling history of Britain! All the foul facts from the murky pasts of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales revealed in full colour. It's an adventure packed with romance, war, murder and gore that begins around 300,000 BC and ends circa now. Taking in such horrible
highlights as the Black Death, the Battle of Culloden, and the London of Jack the Ripper. Comes with a dreadful door poster on the reverse of the jacket.

Hardback £12.99 October 2010 Ages 8+
How to Make a Universe from 92 Ingredients takes on the impossible and triumphs - it makes chemistry FUN! A unique and imaginative take on chemistry for children, with 'experiments' that show how all things are made from just 92 chemical elements - from trees to mobile phones, to humans and the Sun - kids will love this fascinating and entertaining approach to the periodic table. With periodic table poster!

Hardback £9.99 October 2010 Ages 4+
Kids can now learn how to tell their Diplodocuses from their Stegosaurus in a way that is brand new and completely unique. Book-o-rama meshes bold colourartwork with simple facts in a concertina boardbook. Opening up Book-o-rama is like opening the gates to Jurassic Park. Kids can literally surround themselves within a world of Dinosaur fun and fact. And that's just half the story. Flip the pages over and you can play the amazing Dinosaur Trail Game.

Hardback £14.99 September 2011 Ages 6+
Your plane has crashed... you're on you own... and this island is DANGEROUS! There are dinosaurs, pirates - even aliens! How will you ever make it off the island alive? Luckily you've got a SURVIVAL PACK which contains everything you need to complete SIX IMPORTANT MISSIONS...
Find the pirates' treasure; make a catapult; search for poisonous beasties; rig up a zip-line for the trolls; find the dinosaur's missing eggs and make a raft for the aliens. Only then can you make your getaway vehicle and ESCAPE!

Hardback £14.99 September 2011 Ages 4+
Poppy the rabbit is getting ready for her picnic party in Blueberry Wood. Can you help her? Set the weather gauge, design the invitations, bake the cakes and make the paper chains. You can even choose which party dress Poppy will wear. With flaps to lift, tabs to pull, things to make and a foldout,stand-up play scene, this interactive novelty book will keep children happily entertained for hours.

Hardback £14.99 September 2010 Ages 3+
When a mysterious old lady gives Joe and Lucy magic buttons instead of money, they accidentally cast a spell that turns their lives on Babblebrook Farm upside-down! Join them as they eat their way through toffee apples, chocolate eggs and peppermint grass, in the next title in the hugely successful Build-a-Story range.

Hardback £14.99 October 2010 Ages 3+
Jack is very excited about his first day at Wiggleswick School for Witches and Wizards. But when he tries to cast his very first spell, he needs a little bit of help from his new friends... Children can create their own amazing wizard school, with this next title in the hugely successful Build-a-Story range.

Perfect gifts for little hands:
ZOG by Julia Donaldson, illustrated by Axel Scheffler
Hardback £10.99 September 2010 Ages 2+
A magnificent new picture book from the creators of The Gruffalo! Zog is the keenest dragon in school. He's also the most accident-prone, flying into trees and even setting his own wing on fire! Luckily, a mysterious little girl always comes by and patches up his bumps and bruises. But will she be able to help Zog with his toughest test yet: capturing a princess? Full of rollicking rhymes and glorious colour pictures, this is the latest adorable rhyming treat from the king and
queen of the picture book world!

STICK MAN by Julia Donaldson, illustrated by Axel Scheffler
Book and CD £7.99 June 2010 Ages 2+
Stick Man Jigsaw £10.99 October 2010
Paperback £6.99 September 2009
"Stick Man lives in the family tree With his Stick Lady Love and their stick children three." But it's dangerous being a Stick Man. A dog wants to play with him, a swan builds her nest with him. He even ends up on a fire! Will he ever get back to the family tree?
“You'll read this book again and again - but by choice... The award-winning Gruffalo pair create another classic with this touching story... Sing-song rhyme, funny pictures and a tender ending –ahh” Daily Mail

THE NIGHT ICEBERG by Helen Stephens
Hardback £12.99 June 2010 Ages 2+
Paperback £6.99
It's hard when you have to share everything with your baby brother. Tofta doesn't want to at all. So when an iceberg drifts past her window, she decides that it's her iceberg and she's not going to share it with anyone. But when five hundred playful penguins turn up, Tofta finds that sharing can be great fun, too.

Hardback £10.99 August 2010 Ages 2+
Count from one to ten and back with Nick Sharratt's irresistible parade of batty baa-lambs and crazy caterpillars. Lift the flaps, open the gatefold pages, and discover Wear-a-Bra-Lambs, Bobble-Hatterpillars, Draculaargh-Lambs, Acrobatterpillars and many more. Pure genius.

NIGHT, LIGHT, SLEEP TIGHT by Janet Bingham, illustrated by Rosalind
Hardback £12.99 September 2010 Ages 2+
Paperback £6.99
Jack the duck is afraid of the dark. And Olivia the Owl is afraid of the light! But when Jack shows Olivia the beautiful colours of the day, and Olivia shows Jack the sparkling stars of the night, they overcome their fears and form an unlikely friendship. A gentle bedtime story with a strong messageabout friendship and learning to understand different perspectives.

THE LOON ON THE MOON by Chae Strathie, illustrated by Emily
Hardback £12.99 July 2010 Ages 2+
Paperback £6.99
This is the Loon who lives on the moon. Every night he collects children's dreams to make the moon glow. But then one night the light of the moon goes out, and the Loon must go in search of new dreams... Full of whimsy and wonder, this beautiful picture book is a celebration of the power of stories and the magic of dreams - perfect for sharing at bedtime.
Chae Strathie is a major new picture book talent.

DOGS GO SHOPPING by Sharon Rentta
Hardback £12.99 April 2010 Ages 2+
Paperback £6.99
There's something for every dog at this special doggy department store, but it's still tricky finding the perfect present for Daddy's birthday. Mummy wants to buy him flea powder. Max wants to buy him toys. Hardly surprising whose present Daddy likes best! Going shopping with Mummy has never been so much fun, with loads of daft doggy details to find on the way.

Hardback £12.99 August 2010 Ages 2+
Paperback £6.99
There's a new classmate at school. Everyone loves Alfie the Chimpanzee - well, everyone except Sidney. Alfie's just so good at everything. Sidney thinks he's a show-off. But when Sidney does a Very Naughty Thing and gets in trouble, it's Alfie who cheers him up. It seems that Sidney and Alfie do have one thing in common after all - they're both great at being friends!

YOU CAN’T EAT A PRINCESS by Gillian Rogerson, illustrated by Sarah
Hardback £12.99 March 2010 Ages 2+
Paperback £6.99
When King Cupcake is kidnapped by hungry aliens, it's up to his feisty daughter, Princess Spaghetti, to save him from becoming their dinner. She blasts off into space to show those naughty aliens who's boss - and introduces them to a delicious alternative to people: chocolate! This hilarious romp will delight chocolate-lovers everywhere!

Christmas Crackers:
Paperback £9.99 September 2010 Ages 5+
At last! Holiday boredom will be beaten into submission by these hilarious new activity books. Seriously Silly Activities: Christmas is an awesome festive adventure packed with daring doodle ideas and puzzling madness. There are mazes, word searches, comic strips, dot-to-dots,crosswords, sudoku, seriously silly stories and much more besides. This book guarantees hours of interactive fun.

BE A LITTLE ANGEL by Sue Barraclough, illustrated by Caroline Jayne-
Hardback £9.99 August 2009 Ages 3+
The essential kit for the little angel - right down to the cut-out halo. Filled with dressing up ideas,things to colour and make, recipes for angel treats and angelic jokes to giggle at. Plus angel songs to sing, a spot the difference and an angel labyrinth. Be a Little Angel guarantees hours of heavenly fun.

HORRIBLE CHRISTMAS by Terry Deary, illustrated by Martin Brown
Paperback £10.99 November 2010 Ages 3+
Horrible Christmas supplies all the festive facts every Horrible Histories reader wanted to know, but were too stuffed full of mince pies to ask! Includes foul but festive food, cruel yule disasters and seasonal stories to send a shiver down every reader's spine. From the dark days when the Puritans tried to abolish Christmas, to christmas in the trenches when the British and Germans traded bullets for footballs. Taking it the first crackers, Christmas trees and a recipe for Umble pie along the way.

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