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Monday, 6 December 2010

Like Hello Kitty? You will love Angel Cat Sugar's gift range

Like Hello Kitty? You will love Angel Cat Sugar, Japan’s new character sensation

Angel Cat Sugar has a wonderful range of girly items suitable for girls, teenagers and mums.

Angel Cat Sugar is the creation of Yuko Shimizu who created the well-loved Hello Kitty. Angel Cat Sugar is a fictional character – a cuddly, cute and loveable princess cat of the Angel World with healing powers and the ability to make everyone happy. She has angel wings and spreads love and joy with her friends Basil, Parsley and Thyme.

The Angel Cat Sugar range includes bags, toys, accessories, interactive games, homewares, stationery and collectibles all featuring the cute character.

My little girl loved the soft toy keyring. She loves cats and liked the idea of having her own keyring. She clipped it on the Angel Cat Sugar backpack which is so much prettier for storing school essentials like pumps and games kits

I loved the pyjamas – cute and very pink.

We are still “discussing” who should have the Shopper bag. She likes the sparkles and I like the fact that it is sturdy and strong.

If you have lots of girls to buy for this Christmas, do check out

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