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Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Apples to Apple - a party game of hilarious comparisons

Apples to Apples is a game aimed at children and adults aged 12 plus. It is new to the UK and destined to brush up players’ debating skills.

Open the box and you are ready to play. The game is aimed at groups of 4-10 players so is ideal for families and for parties too.

The judge places a green card down. You then have to choose from your red cards to find one that you think most meets the adjective on the green card. You then get to argue your case in turn with the other players. The judge decides which argument s/he finds most quick-witted or convincing.

Unlike many card-based games, this game comes with over 1000 cards so each game is unpredictable and exciting. The momentum builds up due to the fast-moving pace of the game.

What we liked was that adults enjoy playing it but so do older children including our 10 year old despite the game being targeted at an older age group. Sessions last half an hour so there is flexibility in whether you play once or again and again. We also liked the relatively simple concept of the game so that people felt comfy playing it straightaway.

We would recommend this game for families, parties and students.
The RRP is £35

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