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Monday, 13 December 2010

Birthday Girl

It is my birthday today.

Happy Birthday Kate!

42 years of life, love, laughter, learning, loss, lust and lozenges. Sorry, just had a blank in thinking of another relevant word beginning with l.

I started my day continuing a nice bottle of red with my Dad and chatting away until 3am.

I then did the usual school run chaos.

I have written a lot which is my joy and passion and something I now do every day.

I have indulged in a strawberries and cream tart courtesy of my lovely Dad who brought it back from town for me,

This afternoon, there will be a tea party with the children with sausage rolls, jelly and ice cream and a big cake with candles.

Tonight, I will settle down with Him Indoors and raise a glass or two.

It's not a bad life is it?

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