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Monday, 6 December 2010

Postman Pat and Guess with Jess Christmas dvds

Bonus Double Pack DVD

RRP £9.99

Looking for a present this Christmas that’s guaranteed to keep your little one entertained?

Whilst you are knee deep in wrapping paper and baubles, these two great festive titles will keep those inquisitive little minds happy and occupied with over 2 hours of fun in one Christmassy pack!

Celebrate Christmas Eve with Postman Pat and meet his trusty friend Jess the Cat® in his new preschool series “Guess with Jess.”

Jess is celebrating Christmas on Greendale Farm but the wind has blown all of the decorations away! Join Jess and his friends on a journey of discovery as they search for the answers to ‘How can we decorate the Christmas Tree?’ and 5 other BIG questions.

About Guess with Jess®

“Guess with Jess”® is an enquiry-based learning show aimed at two to four year olds airing on CBeebies and BBC2. Join Jess the Cat® and his animal friends as they search for the answers to science and nature-led questions, allowing children to learn about the world around them. Each episode is based upon a ‘Big Question’, which is answered by asking, testing and ultimately finding a way to the right answer! Jess and his friends are typical youngsters, curious about the world and eager to learn about its many wonders.

Jess likes to invite his friends along to join in his adventures as he searches for the answer to the ‘Big Question’. His friends: Mimi the rabbit, Horace the frog, Baa the lamb, Billie the field mouse, Joey and Jinx the twin puppies and Willow the pony, are all characters that viewers can easily identify and relate to. With these varied personalities and skills, help is always at hand for Jess - no matter what the challenge!

“Guess With Jess” is produced by Classic Media and distributed under license by Universal Pictures UK Ltd.

Iconic children’s favourite Postman Pat® is back as the “Head of the Special Delivery Service” with a very special Christmas mission (& a new DVD on sale soon)!

Containing 3 DVD’s, an interactive game, an interactive tour of Greendale and colouring pages galore it’s guaranteed to keep the kids entertained and occupied whilst you are knee deep in wrapping paper and baubles!

Disc One

Postman Pat SDS– A Brand New Mission!

It’s Postman Pat as you have never seen him before!

Pat has been promoted to the ‘Head of the Special Delivery Service’. His mission, to deliver – anything, anytime, anywhere.

Featuring six 15 minute episodes:

Ø Pat’s Special Delivery: Crazy Robots

Ø Pat’s Special Delivery: A Tepee

Ø Pat’s Special Delivery: Fruit Bats

Ø Pat’s Special Delivery: A Wind Machine

Ø Pat’s Special Delivery: Charlie’s Telescope

Ø Pat’s Special Delivery: A Runaway Cow

Disc Two

Postman Pat SDS - To The Rescue!

You can always count on the Special Delivery Service to come to the rescue and save the day. Join Postman Pat in six exciting Special Delivery Missions.

Featuring six 15 minute episodes:

Ø Big Balloons

Ø Bernie The Parrot

Ø The Red Rocket

Ø A Wobbly Piano

Ø A Bouncy Castle

Ø A Surprise

Disc Three

Postman Pat SDS - Flying Christmas Stocking

It’s Christmas Eve and Postman Pat is using his SDS Helicopter and a giant Christmas stocking to deliver the presents in time for the Christmas Party. When the stocking rips, the presents start falling out all over Greendale. Can Pat rescue the missing presents and deliver them in time?

Featuring six 15 minute episodes:

Ø A Speedy Car

Ø Flying Christmas Stocking

Ø A Movie Feast

Ø A Magical Jewel

Ø Precious Eggs

Ø Green Rabbit

About The Show

With his new and demanding job as Head of the Special Delivery Service, it’s Postman Pat as you’ve never seen him before. This well-deserved promotion means that Postman Pat will now be called on by the SDS to deliver anything, anytime, anywhere! With his faithful companion Jess the Cat, Pat proves that he can be relied on to deliver… on time, every time!

Postman Pat SDS features an expanded and diverse cast, new vehicles and the new bustling town of Pencaster.

Whilst Postman Pat SDS has a lot of new features, the essence of the programme remains the same. Many of the much-loved characters from the original series remain as Pat commutes between Greendale and the new town of Pencaster.

Building on the heritage and integrity of the original series, Postman Pat SDS continues to teach children the same values and lessons, whilst injecting high energy action, laughter and fun to resonate with children and adults of today.

The Postman Pat Christmas Box Set is on sale from all major retailers (RRP £14.99]

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