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Sunday, 5 December 2010

What to do when your partner leaves you

The first time a partner left me, I did the following

1. I wailed, animalistic and scary noises.
2. I moved out of our shared home
3. I relocated
4. I got two part-time jobs to survive
5. I tried to get him back
6. I drank a lot
7. I took silly risks
8. I tried to replace him
9. I was naive and let him take all my money

The second time a partner left me, I did the following

1. I did not cry or only a little bit at night
2. I stayed put
3. I checked out my rights
4. I took time to reflect
5. I did not try to get him back
6. I stayed sober
7. I sought support from loved ones
8. I decided I did not want another man ever
9. I ensured I had plenty of money in the bank

Same woman reacting differently. A stronger woman second time round perhaps.


  1. Once bitten, twice shy eh? xxx

  2. Very wise words, sorry you had to go through it though. You are obviously much stronger for it. Good on ya hun xx

  3. Our experiences can make us better people, this is true!

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    - Lauren