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Thursday, 16 December 2010

Give a little to charity this Christmas

Christmas is an expensive time of year.

This year, why not consider making a donation to charity? It is the season of goodwill after all and perhaps time to reach out to those in our society who need a bit of help. If you don't even consider doing so, are you really any better than Scrooge?

It does not have to be a large amount. There are high profile campaigns such as the ITV This Morning one for Clic Sargent ( for children affected by cancer and their families. These have lots of well-thought out easy ways for you to donate and emphasize that every little really does help.

There are the new charities like the Blue Lamp Foudation where someone who has experienced hardship turns it to something positive. The Blue Lamp Foundation was established by PC David Rathband in the aftermath of the Raoul Moat saga.

There are small local charities who would appreciate help too. Do you even know what good causes exist in your area?

One simple way of helping charities is to buy charity Christmas cards or to buy gifts that see all net profits or a percentage going to charity.

Why not check out the website to see how buying beauty products can help the fight against women's cancers.

We will feature various charities on this blog.

If your products help good causes, do get in touch and we will happily promote them here and at

If you really cannot afford to donate a penny this Christmas, do think about volunteering your time. Those who do so often report benefitting as much from the experience as those whom they help.

Here's to our diverse and wonderful voluntary and community sector. Let's do what we can to support it in making people and animals lives that bit better.

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