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Thursday, 9 December 2010

Perfect Roast Potatoes by using Goose Fat from Cooks and Co

Exploding in popularity over recent years as the ultimate Christmas cooking companion, goose fat is a must have product for making extra delicious dishes this festive season.

To help budding chefs and food lovers, fine food producer COOKS&CO has launched its new premium Pure Goose Fat. At £2.49 RSP for a 320g jar, COOKS&CO Pure Goose Fat is priced at £1 per jar lower than most other brands, making it an affordable addition to your Christmas shopping list.

Well known as the key to heavenly roast tatties, goose fat has a high burning point which results in crunchy, golden and richly flavoured potatoes.

Best of all, goose fat also has a lower proportion of saturated fatty acids compared to other animal fats such as butter and lard – so you can add slightly more generous helpings without feeling too guilty!

Follow COOKS&CO’s top five tips below to give your traditional roast spuds the extra wow factor:

• Always par-boil your potatoes first for around 8-10 minutes and make sure they are completely dry before roasting.

• Give the spuds a good shake around before roasting to roughen up the edges and sprinkle them with flour, which will give a lovely crisp exterior and fluffy soft interior.

• Make sure your roasting pan is big! If the potatoes are too close together they will go soggy not crunchy.

• Allow 4 tbsp of goose fat for every 500g of potatoes.

• Heat your goose fat in a heavy pan first until smoking point and then add the par-boiled potatoes. Make sure you don’t stir immediately just leave the potatoes to brown for a few minutes – this is key!

All other root vegetables accompanying your main dish are delicious cooked this way too, especially parsnips.

Don’t save it just for vegetables though, COOKS&CO Pure Goose Fat lends a lovely flavour to a whole host of festive treats and is especially handy for keeping turkey breast tender.

For more tips and festive recipes visit

• COOKS&CO Pure Goose Fat,320g, is available in all big Tesco stores and good independents fromRSP £2.49

About COOKS & CO:
COOKS & CO has an extensive range of fine food products designed for people who appreciate good food and fantastic flavours, but often do not have the time to prepare it themselves. Providing high quality at affordable prices, COOKS&CO provides delicious products which are sourced from small producers whose focus is on delivering products of exceptional flavour and quality.
Selected products from the COOKS&CO range include:
• COOKS&CO Green Olives stuffed with Feta Cheese/ COOKS&CO Green Olives stuffed with Sundried Tomatoes/ COOKS&CO Green Olives stuffed with Jalapeno Peppers - 290g
o In oil - RSP £2.89
o In brine - RSP £2.69
• COOKS&CO Stuffed Vine Leaves – 380g, RSP£2.29
• COOKS&CO Roasted Red Peppers – 460g, RSP £2.39
• COOKS&CO Exotic Dried Mushrooms
o Dried Shiitake Mushrooms – 30g, RSP £2.29
o Dried Mixed Forest Mushrooms – 40g, £2.29
o Dried Porcini Mushrooms – 40g, £3.39

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