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Tuesday, 7 December 2010

How to survive the Christmas party season - health products for your bag

Parties are fun but at times like Christmas where there are lots of them to cope with, it is worth investing in some products to ensure you feel at your best both before and after the event.


Luscious Lips for under the mistletoe
Reduce the damaging winter effects to your lips by investing in some Lypsyl Lip Balm. Available in a range of flavours – strawberry, cherry, peach and mint and very affordable at just £1.18. These are tiny enough to fit in a purse but really do the job they say they do and nice-tasting too.

Sparkly eyes
Vitaleyes Brightener contains natural plant extracts making your eyes whiter and clearer. Comes in a handy 10ml dropper for £3.52 Vitaleyes Contacts are perfect when there is no mirror nearby and your eyes are feeling sore but you cannot easily take out your contacts. £3.91 from supermarkets and pharmacies.

Comfy heels
Invest in some Savlon blister plasters particularly if you are wearing new wedges or heels. They have tea tree oil which helps to soothe and relieve the pain and a special cushioned pad shields and protects blisters from painful rubbing. £3.59 from your pharmacist. In my experience, there is nothing quite as bad as having sore heels. Why suffer when blister plasters add so much protection?

If you are expecting to drink too much
We have recently heard of the Lifeline Hangover Cure which says it absorbs toxins from alcohol thus preventing the agony of a hangover the next morning. If you want to check this out for yourself as we have not yet tested it, trial packs are available for £1.99 from


Cold Sores
Lypsyl Cold Sore Gel provides symptomatic relief for cold sores. It contains an anaesthetic to relieve the pain, an antiseptic to help to prevent bacterial infection and an astringent to dry up sores. Pop some in your handbag for just £2.79.

Dehydrated and dry eyes
Vitaleyes Moisturiser tackles the drying effects of cold wind and partying on your eyes. The handy 10ml dropper comes in at just £3.52.

Teeth less than pearly?
New Enlighten Smiles Nano-Repair Whitening Tooth Serum is specially formulated to smooth and brighten your teeth in a matter of weeks. The serum maintains results whilst repairing enamel on a microscopic level. RRP £9.99

Upset Tummy
Original Andrews Salts – an effervescent powder that mixes with water to make a pleasant tasting solution to tackle the nastier effects of over-indulgence. Works quickly and effectively to relieve indigestion, upset tummy, excess acid and flatulence. Available from pharmacies, supermarkets and grocery stores. £3.09 for 150g.

Zantac 75 – a H2 antagonist remedy that combats the root causes of indigestion by reducing the amount of acid in the stomach. Zantac 75 provides 12 hour relief so you can party all night long. Available over the counter for £2.15 for 6 tablets.

Philip’s Milk of Magnesia is a mint-flavoured liquid providing effective treatment for nausea, indigestion, over-acidity and heartburn. Available in two sizes. The first is a 100ml handy bottle ideal when partying for the handbag priced at £2.39. The second is 200ml and costs £3.65.

Happy Partying and Merry Christmas!

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