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Monday, 13 December 2010

Puzzler World 2011 for Nintendo DS

Puzzler World 2011 for Nintendo DS provides a compilation of quality puzzles that will entertain people from age 3 to 103!

There are traditional, visual and filler puzzles with varying levels of difficulty so suitable for all the family from toddlers to grandparents.

You won’t get bored with this game as it has 1200 puzzles including 3 new types and a new game mode. Perfect at family gatherings or when travelling over the festive period.

We tested the game and were very impressed with how it appealed to family members from age 5 to 83. It is probably the first time that the children have managed to attract any real interest from Grandad in their DS games consoles.

We thought the all new save mode was really good too as it allows you to start a puzzle, save it and return to it later to complete it. Very convenient at busy times like Christmas.

Whether you like crosswords, Sudoku or wordsearch, you will like this game. However, there are many more things to try so this is a game that has real staying power.

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