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Friday, 3 December 2010

BornFree's Twist and Pop Straw Cup for toddlers

When children are toddlers, they drink a lot and all too often this results in spills. The other problem with cups is that they are all too often very difficult to keep clean.

Introducing the brand new Twist N’Pop Straw Cup – a 14 fl oz toddler cup with twist straw lid. A simple turn of the cap exposes a pop-up soft silicone straw.

Child-friendly, comfortable drinking, the twist straw mechanism helps to keep the straw clean and reduces spills.

Dishwasher safe and detachable as just two parts the BornFree® Twist N’ Pop Straw Cup is easy to clean.

£5.99 from

Available in a variety of colours including Pink, Blue, Green and Yellow.

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