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Friday, 3 December 2010

The Blizzard Wizard - a lovely children's book

I loved the Blizzard Wizard by Frank Hinks, a story aimed at children aged over 7 years.

The first thing to say is that this is a beautiful book with vibrant colours and illustrations that are works of art.

The story races from adventure to adventure at a great pace. There is humour too which appeals to both younger and older chidren. As in many books, good battles evil but good gives as good as it gets along the way.

One touch of the Blizzard Wizard and body, mind and spirit turn to ice.

With the unwitting help of foolish Cloud 9 the Princess of the Night frees the Blizzard Wizard from prison and he turns the Garden and the Gardener and with the Garden the whole of Ramion into ice.

With the help of the rabbit Scrooey-Looey the boys set out to gather earth from the bottom of the pond where the Ducky Rocky lives (surrounded by Globerous Ghosts, Mystic Mummies, Venomous Vampires and other creatures of the forest), pure water from the bottom of the deepest cavern in Iliana, breeze from Mount Nereid and fire from the volcano of the Princess of the Night, the four elements which when they combine will bind up the Blizzard Wizard and take him back to his prison cell.

The Blizzard Wizard is part of the Ramion series of books and further details can be found at

RRP £12.99 for a beautiful hardback book with a story with heart.

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