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Friday, 2 September 2011


I am leaving this blog in abeyance.

Partly because Blogger keeps playing up so that people can't leave feedback and the appearance keeps going gloomy.

Plus I am making a fresh start in life and you can read more should you wish over at

Hope you like it and that if you follow me here, you will now follow me there but more importantly read me as I think I might need some cyberfriends as I move forwards.

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Reasons To Be Cheerful - Please link up

This feels like a very momentous post as I have the honour of hosting the most fabulous blog hop Reasons To Be Cheerful this week. For the unitiated, this a weekly hop where bloggers can celebrate the positives in their week. So it's time to shout out about your good news and joyful moments on your blog, link up and meet some other very lovely bloggers in the process. I can't rave enough about this blog hop. As someone who is too often at the mercy of negative self-talk, having a focus once a week to celebrate the great things does me the power of good. It is fabulous on the good weeks but even more useful sometimes on the challenging weeks where you realise there is always a little light even at the saddest of times. So what is giving me reason to smile this week. 1. My son is going on his first holiday without his family. Who am I kidding? I am just hoping he settles with his friend's family, that he feels able to deal with things and that he is happy to return home at the end of it. Not much cheerful about those elements but, on the other hand, how great that he is growing up and liked by other people. I have ironed and packed his clothing and he is ready to go. Wish him luck and wish me more. How I will get through the next 4 days without him ... 2. I found school pumps in the correct sizes in the supermarket, I have acquired enough uniform for son number 1, son number 2 is sorted from last year really and my daughter will benefit from the £15 Tesco voucher I won today towards Back to School gear. 3. My daughter is starting to sleep in her own bed much more and this is a huge leap as she has, until now, usually crept into my bed at some point. This does not bode well for marital reasons so if she carries on using her own bed, who knows what Reasons to be Cheerful I will have next week lol.
I usually do really long lists but am keeping it brief this week trying to be the hostess with the mostest. Ready, steady, go! Whether you have done Reasons to be Cheerful before or you are a newbie, you are equally welcome so let's smile, write down our good stuff and share some blog love. It really is very simple but hugely powerful and life-affirming too so give it a go. As Del Boy would say, go on, you know it makes sense. Next week, the wonderful Bod for Tea will be hosting Reasons to be Cheerful. It is quite nerve-wracking hosting such a well-respected and loved blog hop so please do support Bod for Tea next Big thanks to Michelle at Mummy from the Heart for trusting me with this blog hosting.