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Friday, 3 December 2010

Timmy Time: Timmy Finds Treasure dvd - ideal for Christmas

Timmy and friends are back with 10 bumper episodes! Timmy Time: Timmy Finds Treasure DVD is available from 2 entertain priced £12.99

Timmy and his friends are having great fun playing Pirates. Timmy is the Captain and leads his chums on a treasure hunt. But when they find the X that marks the spot, there’s a big surprise in store? And who’s eaten all the clues for the treasure trail!

Disaster strikes when Otus’s truck get’s broken and Harriet and Osbourne make Timmy’s bed in an unexpected place?

Will Timmy and Stripy manage to get the new paper-hat boat to the finish line! And who is the new plasticine playmate…

Everyone joins in for the big spring clean time but Timmy manages to make more mess than ever before. Plus its talent show time but what happens when diva Yabba loses her voice!

Join Timmy and his animal chums who learn how to make friends, create new things, paint, draw and generally learn those very important 'life lessons'

Timmy Time: Timmy Finds Treasure DVD is packed with 10 Timmy – tastic episodes
and makes the perfect Christmas stocking filler available priced £12.99

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