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Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Today - little things achieved and coped with

1. I managed to be pleasant as Him Indoors set off to work
2. I dealt with a wet pant incident (not mine in case you wondered)
3. I put cream on a little boy's injury
4. I gave up my computer to the children way too often
5. I got up at a time I did not want to because son number three was hungry as usual
6. I liaised with 3 family members about our heating crisis all with different opinions and taking no real notice of mine
7. I organised for a faulty heater to be swapped
8. I put up Christmas cards in fancy patterns
9. I added decorations to the Christmas tree
10. I looked after a poorly cat
11. I stopped one dog from savaging the heater delivery man
12. I stopped two more dogs from leaving with the heater delivery man
13. I acquired stamps and posted late Christmas cards including other peoples!
14. I made cups of tea for comedian builders
15. I liaised with the landlord about house repairs
16. I went under the sofas and found all manner of things
17. I hoovered with my wonderful GTech Power Sweeper
18. I negotiated 4 people's different television viewing requests
19. I dealt with a very upset little boy and gave him a cuddle
20. I made meals, responded to requests and got through the day intact (so far)

But guess what, I am "only a woman" and "just a housewife" and I won't be getting a Christmas Party this year.

Smiling through it all thanks to lovely children, a trying husband (in every sense) and some fantastic female buddies online


  1. Sounds like you are doing an amazing job. I hope you get some time to realise this and if Christmas isn't as brilliant as everyone expects it to be that come New Year you have your feet up. Good luck to you and big hugs.

  2. Chin up love!

    I hope your New Year exceeds all your expectations!

    - Lauren

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