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Monday, 6 December 2010

Favourite Abba Songs

I watched the telly programme last night about favourite Abba songs.

I can't remember a time when Abba did not feature in my world.

My mum actually managed to convince me that I was the "Dancing Queen" when I was a little girl. Still love that song as sends me on a complete nostalgia trip.

For those of us who grew up with Abba, those weird outfits were not odd. They were normal.

I went to see the Abba film about the journalist trying to get an interview with the band. I have heard it slated since but me and my Mum loved it.

Of course, as I grew up into a teenager and then a woman, the songs and their lyrics had greater meaning to me.

Gimme, Gimme was great to get dressed to when going out for the night with fellas on your mind.

Does your Mother Know you out? could make even boring old me feel vampish.

Money, Money, Money - well, I am still waiting to have enough of that and live in a rich man's world

As I love music and have quite eclectic tastes, I have always enjoyed "Thank you for the Music".

"Our Last Summer" was good when pining for a lost love.

However, I think I do agree with the number one choice of Abba Song. "The Winner takes it all" is well-crafted and reflects just how you feel when you are dumped for a newer, apparently better model.

So what Abba song do you like best and why?

Or perhaps you loathe Abba.

Leave a comment and let me know.


  1. LOVE love love Abba, grew up with them (and Queen) and still think the songs are brilliant. Would love to see Mamma Mia on stage :) I would find it hard to pick a favourite, will have to think it over:) Jen

  2. Love Dancing Queen but hard to pick just one cos I love them all! Saw Mamma Mia earlier this year in London and everyone was dancing in the aisles, brilliant!!