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Sunday, 12 December 2010

The Way of F**k It - a book review

The Way of F**k It is a book of inspirational sayings and amusing drawings by John C Parkin and Gaia Pollini.

It encourages readers to relax and to let go of the things that give them angst.

Examples of the phrases are ..

“Say f**k it and catch a train to somewhere you’ve never been before?”

“So I’m different. F**k it.”

You may have come across some of the concepts before in therapy or self-help books. I guess the wonderful thing about this book is that you can carry it with you and dip in and out of it as the mood takes you.

With Christmas upon us, when you are stressing about family conflict, making the perfect roast dinner or whether you got the right gifts for people, have this book as your side as your secret ally. It will make you laugh, think, feel and cope.

I also think the book would appeal to both men and women. It would make a fun Christmas pressie and then surprise the recipient by actually transforming how they look at things.

It is hard backed, attractive and priced at only £6.99.

You could put it in someone’s Christmas stocking or say f**K it and put one in your own too!

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