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Friday, 10 December 2010

The School Christmas Play

I attended the school Christmas play yesterday afternoon.

At first, I balked a bit when told it was a hour long. There is a lot to be getting on with at this time of year.

The tombola cheered me up considerably when I won 3 prizes - a Pirates of the Carribean mug, a smellies set and a cuddly elephant.

I was really impressed when the Head announced that every child had a part and would appear at some point on stage during the afternoon. That must take some organising but also means every child feels special.

4 year groups did different mini-plays. They included the meaning of Christmas carols, a Christmas Carol, the Nativity and even a spoof on "I'm a Celebrity" complete with a fainting reindeer and Ant and Dec.

My son came in with a very traditional striped pillow case on his head and a shepherd's costume that he insisted made him look fat. He did seem to enjoy carrying his lamb but apart from that looked like he was undergoing a bushtucker trial. Tortured shepherd. He is a sensitive soul and for someone like him, these things are a big deal and cause him to worry too much.

He was pleased we had turned up though and I was reminded of how important it is to remember that although he is the oldest, he is still quite young really and needs looking after and loving lots.

There were other shy children struggling with their lines or blushing. Others were mega-confident and having a ball. Others got the giggles and I got them too as there is something infectious about seeing someone desperately trying to avoid cracking up.

It got me again as it always does. Dab the old eyes that are leaking as I think about my late mum and how once she came to Christmas plays with us. Sniffle a bit as I reflect that there are still hard-faced Scrooges in our country and how too many children go without. Love the fact that maybe just once a year but wonderful for all that, we come together as a community to celebrate our children and to wish each other well.

Even Him Indoors was moved to say "I really enjoyed that!" which if you know Him Indoors you will know is the equivalent of a fanfare for him.

God Bless us, each and everyone!

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