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Saturday, 4 December 2010

Warm thoughts and reflections on snowy weather

It is snowy! We don't actually need the media to tell us this but just in case we do, various journalists and camera crews are making treacherous and costly journeys to show us what snow looks like. All I have to do is to look outside my window but, hey, maybe I am missing the point.

Yesterday, the lady from the Parish Council came to check we were all OK. I did try to get her to take my riotous children away from me as I was sure that would have made me more OK but she did not comply with the request. She did bring some advice on dealing with cold weather though. I am very impressed at life in the countryside where somebody cares and brings you some useful information to boot.

So I thought I would rehash the advice here and add my thoughts too. Partly this is inspired by the fact that I have had complaints from my regulars that reviews whilst nice are taking over a blog they enjoy reading. So back to blogging service even if the Postman is still on strike and the schools are still closed.

1. You are advised to heat your main living room to 18-21 degrees centigrade and the rest of the house to at least 16 degrees centigrade. For those of us who are old fashioned, that is 64-70 degrees Fahreinheit and 61 degrees Farenheit.
Of course, that means we need a thermometer so once I can get to the shops I will go and buy one and in the meantime hope for the best.

2. You are advised to heat all the rooms you use in the day. That is OK if your radiators work properly so I had better put a heating engineer on my Christmas wishlist methinks. Plus, I use the barn during the day and that has no heating. I have always had trouble with obeying rules.

3. You are advised to heat your bedroom before going to bed. My advice is to have lots of duvets with big togs too. I love heavy killer duvets but recognise that it is better to have lots of layers. Even better - have them all I say. Bedrooms should be heated to 18 degrees centigrade or 65 degrees Farenheit. If you are using a fire or heater, ensure there is adequate ventilation. Never use an electric blanket and hot water bottle together as there is a risk of electrocution. Check the directions on any electric blanket carefully - some are not designed to remain on overnight. Get electric blankets tested every 3 years by the Fire Service, Trading Standards or Age UK.

4. You are advised to set the timer on your heating to come on before you get up and to switch off when you go to bed. I have an elderly person in my home so the heating is staying on and hang the cost!

5. There is financial help for heating your home. Visit to find out if you are eligible and please don't just assume you are not entitled. Check it out.

So let me see, before it snows again, I need to ...

Buy a thermometer

Buy some wellies

Buy electric blankets

Check out my rights

I did manage to be a good wife for once this week sending Him Indoors off to work with a sleeping bag, pillows and a flask. Trouble is I think he might have thought I was trying to get rid of him .....

More warm thoughts and tips on keeping snug in the snowy conditions coming soon to a blog near you.

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