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Friday, 4 February 2011

What is your secret Gravy Recipe?

It is still a bit cold out there. My fingers are freezing as I type this in my blogging bunker. I don't know about you but weather like this makes my mind turn to comfort food and one of the best of those is a good gravy.

Gravy is a controversial topic. Everyone has a different recipe for it and some like it thin, some like it thick. It comes in different colours from light gold to deep chesnut brown? It is a complex issue but what we do know is that rich, onion gravy is the ultimate finishing touch to British classics like Yorkshire pudding, toad in the hole and sausage and mash.

I have no idea what Mum put in her gorgeous gravy. In fact, probably the only thing I am certain of is that her recipe included British Onions.

I guess most of my gravy includes some easy powder of some description but both myself and my husband love adding all manner of ingredients after that. Twigs and herbs, sauces and secrets.

British Onions are asking what the secret ingredient for the perfect gravy might be. Is it a drop of tomato ketchup or a spoonful of mustard? Should the onions be caremelised or sweated for extra flavour? What exactly are the tricks of the trade?

British Onions take gravy seriously and have discovered that ..

Two thirds of us see gravy as an essential part of their winter menu

More than half of us think poor gravy can ruin a plate of food

Two thirds of us worry about not making enough gravy or ruining it

A quarter of us add a secret ingredient

More than half of us use a store cupboard staple in our gravy

Well, what is your gravy secret? Share it hear and also with British Onions who are putting together a definitive online guide - The British Onion Book of Gravy.

I wonder if the gravy we make says something about us as a person.

Is it a rushed effort at the last minute when we remember the meal needs it?

Is it the proudest part of our cookery?

Do we chuck it all in slapdash?

Do we follow an old family recipe?

Or shock horror, do we miss it out altogether?

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