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Monday, 7 February 2011

Charity Shops and Me

I remember that the first charity shop I ever went in was the Spastics Shop in my home town. It would now be known as Scope I expect. My Auntie's friend Connie worked there and would always alert everyone at church if there had being any particularly good donations.

Mum would hurtle down with me in tow and whilst she looked for clothes and interesting bric-a-brac, I would seek out books and teenage fashions.

By the time I left home, I had a good grounding in charity shops - Oxfam, Help the Aged, Barnardo's, RSPCA, PDSA, Age Concern and the like. I had my favouties finding some over-priced, some smelly and some darky and dingy. The British Heart Foundation was one of the first to have shops that looked like "normal" ones and then the exciting times hit when charity shops started stocking Fair Trade and limited new product too.

My best ever find was a Mondi jacket in velvet and every colour of the rainbow with gold buttons. I found that in a Belfast shop when I was on holiday with friends there. I wore it for years and years. It cost me just £5.

Continuing the coat theme, this Saturday I found a cashmere coat in my local hospice shop for just £10.

I love to read and I love quirky objects and antiques. I love to wear things I like rather than what the fashionistas dictate. Charity shopping is therefore made for me and I am definitely made for charity shopping.

I am doing this as part of a great idea called Magpie Monday which I will revisit and then add the relevant link so that you too can get involved and share your best finds.

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  1. Fabulous!

    Great to hear how a love of charity shopping often starts through our parents. I hope I am doing my bit to raise the next generation! She's not quite 3 and already pretty good at spotting a gem!

    thanks so much for joining in, look forward to seeing more and will follow your blog also. x

  2. Charity shopping is made for me too...Love your post!

  3. Just found your blog - great post - from a fellow charity shop treasure hunter - scarlett x

  4. great post look foward to hearing about more of your bargains on a monday

  5. I love charity shop bargains too - look forward to seeing all your bargains x