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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Magpie Monday - new yesterday and second hand today!

OK, so it is really Tuesday but I missed out on doing my Magpie Monday yesterday due to Half-Term stuff.

So what have I acquired this week on my trip to charity shops?

This week, I have focussed on books and factual ones at that. I am going to set up a new blog shortly and these books are all part of my planning and research so watch this space. If I told you the titles, it would spoil the surprise of my new blog when it goes live.

I can tell you about the Susan Jeffers book I found though. Have you heard of her book called "Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway!"? I always buy self-help books as I know I have a long way to go on the path to enlightened human-being status. I don't always read them cover to cover in 24 hours as I did with that book. It is written in down-to-earth terms and has helped me with its simple philosophy time and time again.

This week, I bought a book by the same woman called "Freeing Ourselves from the Mad Myths of Parenthood". Well, that has to be worth a read, right?

I also bought some glasses as I needed some "it doesn't matter if they smash" ones for juice. I bought about six zillion plastic soldiers and vehicles to entertain the boys and am sure my feet and myself will live to regret that purchase.

From Netmums, I acquired a whole new wardrobe of clothes for £55 which may sound a lot but works out at less than 75pence per item. It also marks a little move towards me getting my flagging groove back with some stylish clothing.

Finally, I bought a mug which might say way too much about me. It is in Fifties style (I adore all things Fifties!) and is of a woman in a kitchen with two messy children. She is saying in a speech bubble "I child-proofed the house and they still got in!". In Half-Term week, I am sure many of us can sympathise with the sentiment.

What are your bargains this week?

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  1. Ha ha! I have a fridge magnet on my fridge that says that!
    Proof that childproofing is pointless?

  2. It sounds as though you have had a good week's shopping! Loving the idea of the plastic soldier army.

  3. Hi, I am familiar with the book you mention and my partner and I often say to eachother and our daughter "feel the fear and do it anyway"! I think it's quite a good motto to have!! I'd have loved to have seen a piccy of your mug. Have a good half-term!

  4. I love the fact that you got a whole new wardrobe for £55 can we see please ?
    As for the mug ! fab. I too love all things 50's it was such a wonderful time in history so much positive stuff going on after 2 world wars ! Look forward to the new blog xx

  5. The mug sounds great - I can subscribe to that sentiment!

    I didn't know you could buy stuff on NetMums - how did I miss this???

    Thanks for linking-up - look out for stray soldiers on the stairs *ouchy ouchy bare feet* x

  6. Im interested in your new wardrobe too...what a bargain! Love self help books local charity shop never has them for some reason.
    Looking forward to your new blog x