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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Blogging versus Parenting

1. You can take a day off from your blog

2. You can do blogging in the way you want when you want to

3. You might get an award for blogging

4. People say nice things about your blogging skills

5. Blogging is therapeutic

6. A blog can't give you a kiss and cuddle

7. A blog won't say it loves you

8. A blog won't make you laugh

9. A blog won't play, cook or do craft with you

10. A blog won't tell you that you are the best mum in the world

11. A blog like children is for life not just for January

12. Parenting and blogging are satisfying

13. Parenting and blogging can introduce you to new worlds and people

14. Parenting and blogging can both be achievements and make you proud

15. Parenting and blogging are both things I would not be without


  1. This was such a lovely post and oh so true. I am having so much fun with my blog and I would never be without my daughter. Thanks for writing this, it put a real smile on my face