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Friday, 18 February 2011

Dad and computers

My Dad is 83 years of age or 83 years young depending on how you look at things.

He lost my mum 18 months ago and has moved in with me and my family. He has his own indepedent space in our annexe with a bathroom, kitchen, lounge and bedroom all to himself.

Dad retired just as computers were coming into the workplace. In his time, his office was packed with buff coloured cardboard folders. It was not about spreadsheets and databases back then.

Dad has tried to get to grips with computing recently using a netbook which my brother gave him to play with.

In the afternoon, he will settle himself down at the kitchen table and attempt to email my brother. It is not always convenient to me (and I do feel guilty for saying that) but he will sometimes struggle and need my help. Usually it is fine and I am happy to help but sometimes I wish he would ask when would be a good time for him to go on the computer if he is going to need my help. Yesterday, he asked me to come and look something just as I was in the middle of an internet shopping order. I could not leave it as I was just about to go to the checkout and needed to concentrate. When I said that, I think he thought I was being difficult.

Last night, my Dad came into our lounge with various catalogues saying he needed our advice. I said he must be hard up if he was needing our advice. He chuckled but then told us he wants to buy a new computer for himself.

My first advice was not to bother as he can borrow my laptop whenever he wants. He said he knew that but he did not like to use mine as that deprived me. Dad is the most gentle and kind man you could wish to meet. He really thinks about others in a quiet and caring way. He knows I live for my laptop and my blogging.

Him Indoors reckons he knows all about computers (and actually does sickeningly) so he spoke to Dad. It was like listening to someone speaking a foreign language to Dad as Him Indoors banged on about internet access, routers, games and so on. I tried to translate for Dad.

So Dad has his heart set on a new computer so that he can look up websites about the Navy and send an email now and then.

At 83 years of age, that is his right and amazingly impressive.

I cannot see me taking on a whole new interest and world at such an elderly age but I am really pleased I have a Dad that does.


  1. Lots of older people are using the internet and spending their "silver" pounds.

    Good on your Dad.

    My Mum is only in her fifties but back when she got a mobile in the 90s, she actually started "texting" before me. At the time, I had a mobile that couldn't even send a text LOL.

    What a different world we now live in.

    Things have gone so fast.

    Lovely post and your Dad sounds like a very thoughtful, wonderful man. Enjoy him.

    Liska xxx

  2. Your dad sounds wonderful (and you sound like a wonderful daughter too...lucky to have each other!) My mum started computing at 78 and is enjoying being a Silver Surfer! I have the job of being telephone support when she gets stuck on Facebook...but I am really proud of her for embracing the modern world!