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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Fizz your way a great Half-Term


At Half Term, we’re all looking for small ways to spend less whilst having lots of fun too.

Sodastream is one way families can have fun and save money at the same time, by using ordinary tap water to make great-tasting sparkling soft drinks and fizzy water at home. And with the average Brit drinking 229 litres of soft drink a year* there’s a lot of money to be saved.

Now there’s a whole host of Sodastream flavours available – from brand new flavours like Pink Grapefruit and Red Berry to favourites such as Cream Soda and Cherry as well as a naturally-flavoured Clear range.

For those who like an added boost to their day, Sodastream’s own energy drink Xtreme works out at a fraction of the cost of a leading brand - £0.12p for a standard 250ml serving versus £1.35 - an extreme saving! There’s also a sugar-free version of Xtreme for detox fans, which has all the benefits but is sugar free. Brand new for 2011 is an Isotonic Blueberry [to aid rehydration] – there’s something to suit every taste bud and mood.

And if you’re simply a fan of sparkling water, the saving could be even more, using only water from the tap and producing zero energy wastage in the process.

Our family love using Sodastream and we highly recommend it as an affordable way to have lots of fun in a very refreshing way.

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