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Saturday, 19 February 2011

5 things that make me feel good

This post is part of a blog hop thingymijiggy started by Scottish Mum and I am requested to tell you 5 secret passions that make me feel good.

1. I love my lifelong affair with boots. I hate shoes and think I am missing whatever gene makes women adore shoes and waste so much money on them. Boots are a different issue. I don't like high heels but apart from that I don't think there are any bad boots although I am yet to be totally convinced of the appeal of Uggs. I like leather in whatever colour with patterns or plain, with chains, with studs, whatever. Look forward to the day when I can strut my stuff in some thigh high ones.

2. I love the way that despite being obese, I went on a boudoir photoshoot and threw myself into the whole event with gusto. There is something inside me that is very different from the shy and pretty boring person that presents to the world who even gets on my nerves. I like that inner self and wish it would come out to play more often.

3. I love my deep passion for books. Even when finding time to read is difficult, I enjoy being surrounded by them and ensuring my children are too. I would love a room dedicated to books with shelving all around the room. Maybe my own book will appear on your shelf one day?!

4. I love cookery and prefer proper creations rather than meals that are just made for bodyfuel purposes. I like to make sauces with twigs and herbs. I love to bake - I always find it sort of spiritual and am never quite sure why. Baking connects me to my mum and generations of women before her. I am passing the skills on to my own daughter (and my sons).

5. I love my pets. Always a dog fan, I now find myself as a late convert to the cuddlesome nature of cats. I have three now and they are lovely. So we have 3 dogs and 3 cats but in one or two week's time we are expecting a number of new additions too. I talk to my animals, I hug my animals, they are part of my family.

I hope I have done this right and that the mum who came up with the idea tells me off if I have got it all wrong.


  1. sauces with twigs and herbs?!! Please elaborate!!!

  2. The books, the books, everyone has the books. I sooo love my bookie wooks. If you add the code, you will get all the other people who did it in your blog post. The link is on my bloggie post.. This is fab..

  3. I am interested to know about the twigs, as well. Certainly agree with you about liking to cook and I also love reading. I buy my books from charity shops, though and then donate them back or my house would be overrun with them!

  4. Hey, nice to meet you and thanks for your lovely comment on my blog! Loving all your loves especially 1 & 2! ;o)