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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Talking Turkey

Top 10 everyday recipes that mums cook at home
1 - Spaghetti Bolognese (65%)
2 - Roast Dinner (54%)
3 - Chilli Con Carne (42%)
4 - Lasagne (41%)
5 - Cottage or Shepherd's Pie (38%)
6 - Meat or Fish Stir Fry (38%)
7 - Beef Casserole (34%)
8 - Macaroni and Cheese (32%)
9 - Toad in the Hole (30%)
10 - Meat, Fish or Vegetable Curry (26%)

Swap to turkey with “Change Your Meat, Not Your Menu”

UK families are being encouraged to make turkey the meat of choice in their kitchens with the launch of a new campaign - Change Your Meat Not Your Menu.

Change Your Meat Not Your Menu aims to inspire all of us who cook, and in particular Mums, to swap to turkey in their weekly meal planner . Turkey is high in protein and a great alternative to other meats. It’s versatile, tasty and perfect for everyday meals, and turkey breast meat is also low in saturated fat.

In fact, recent research shows that turkey can be easily substituted in eight of the UK’s favourite meals. So, by simply swapping turkey in place of another meat in your favourite dish, such as spaghetti bolognese just once a week, you can reduce your saturated fat intake by up to two thirds (11g) per portion McCance & Widdowson “The Composition of Foods, 6 th edition” (2004). Royal Society of Chemistry: Cambridge .

Celebrity chef, Marco Pierre White will front the campaign alongside Olympic gold medallist, Rebecca Romero and nutritionist, Dr Carrie Ruxton. Collectively known as the “Talking Turkey Taskforce”, the trio today launched .

Supported by turkey company, Bernard Matthews Farms, the fun and easy-to-use site shows users just how simple it is to swap to turkey. Packed full of cooking tips, delicious recipe suggestions, nutritional information and active lifestyle hints, is a comprehensive site that encourages you to try new ways of cooking with this tasty meat. An interactive “sat-fat calculator” will also help families calculate how much they can reduce the saturated fat in their diet just by swapping their usual meat for turkey, once or twice a week.

Commenting on the campaign, Rebecca Romero says, “It’s important for me to eat healthily to help me get the most from my training but I like to enjoy my food too. For me, turkey is the perfect protein – turkey breast is not only low in saturated fat but it holds the flavour of spices, herbs and sauces really well so not only is it tasty but it’s easy to incorporate into my diet”.

“The Change Your Meat Not Your Menu campaign has some great ideas on how to include turkey in a tasty, healthy balanced diet with minimal fuss and effort”.

Dr Carrie Ruxton adds, “As a mum of two myself, I know the biggest struggle at meal times is trying to cook something different and healthy but more importantly, that all the family will actually eat.

“This campaign shows that by simply changing one ingredient, your family can enjoy a delicious meal with a range of health benefits. For instance, as well as being low in saturated fat, cooked turkey contains 34g of protein per 100g and just one portion of turkey will meet the niacin requirement of an average man or woman”.

Marco explains why he is encouraging the nation to eat more turkey, “Turkey is the nation’s favourite roast on the most important family day of the year, so why not all year round? Turkey has more flavour, more texture than chicken, but for many the only association with turkey is Christmas or Easter, which is down to tradition and nostalgia.

“Consumers traditionally roast turkey but there are many other ways to prepare this majestically delicious bird. I want to show the great British public how perfect the great bird is for today’s modern lifestyles – as it is versatile, healthy and affordable.”

Visit today to find out how simply swapping your meat can help create healthier, tastier meal times for your family.

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