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Friday, 18 February 2011

Reasons to Be Cheerful

It is always lovely to get to Friday with another weeked enjoyed and survived and then to remember that it is time to record Reasons to be Cheerful as part of the wonderful initiative and blog hop from Mummy from the Heart.

Here are my reasons ...

1. Although I lost my Mum in September 2009, I still have my Dad and he know lives with me. He is fabulous in so many ways and it is great to have his company and feel less isolated. His conversation is interesting, his humour is infectious and he takes me out and about too. Please scroll down to the next blog post where I tell you all about my Dad's continuing learning as he gets to grips with computers.

2. We are having a little boy to stay with us this weekend. He is my husband's grandson and a great friend to my three children (his Aunty and Uncles lol!). I am also cheerful that I am not yet a Grandma despite what my darling step-daughter would have you believe! We are going to have fun this weekend pottering about, letting the children rampage and going on a VIP trip to Hollywood Bowl. Meanwhile, my step-daughter can have a little post-Valentine's fun with a child-free zone. I have sent her some little gifts to help her along with that.

3. Finally, I am really enjoying my new-found love of cats. We got one and then another two. We are not the sort of people to do things by halves. So now we have a ragdoll, a ginger and a moggy. All very beautiful and sweet. I was worried about the Ragdoll as she was very shy on being rehomed here but my Dad took her into his space and now she is very well settled in.

Although I am exhausted (must get to the GP at some point about that), there are loads of reasons to be cheerful this week including plenty of sleep-ins next week with Half Term imminent.

Wishing everyone a lovely weekend and Half Term.


  1. Half term next week is definitely a big reason to be cheerful x

  2. I came via your comment, as a result of Reasons to Be Cheerful, but I ended up going down to read the computer post (as you instructed) I am one of those people who does as I am told LOL.
    So now here I am back here.

    Your reasons to be cheerful are lovely and I hope you enjoy the VIP bowling AND half-term.

    Liska x

  3. Awww yay for the cats! That's what we were like with guinea pigs! We got two...then two more...and then these other two just sort of appeared as if from nowhere!! Funny how pets do that sometimes!

  4. Great reasons! I had a read of your other post and I can't believe your Dad is so into computers at that age. My Dad is only 65 and he's rubbish with computers and has no interest at all.
    Have a great half term week :)

  5. What a lovely relationship you have with your Dad. That alone is a reason for cheer. Sounds like you are going to have an action packed weekend! Enjoy x

  6. Hope you have a wonderful time with your family :) I love the story about your dad and the computer (have commented on that post)> He sounds lovely :) Take care xxxx

  7. Great reasons!

    Have a fab time with your family xx

  8. I enjoyed reading your blog. How lovely that you get on so well with your Dad!!I laughed about all the cats. Is the ginger one a handful? We ha a ginger Tom who lived to be 18 years old and trouble was his middle name!!!

  9. Hi Kate, thanks for dropping by my blog. Great reasons to be cheerful. Have fun with the family. x

  10. Great reasons to be cheerful and so nice that you sent those Valentine gifts to your step daughter! We love cats too but they are in witness protection at the moment at my sisters (long story). And congrats to your Dad for getting geeky :D
    By the way, if you have the time I'd love you to guest post over at the Fussy Eaters Support Club.