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Thursday, 3 February 2011

Chinese New Year - Ken Hom food ideas to celebrate

Ken Hom has also given us a few insights / tips on what he loves to eat and what each dish represents in his Chinese New Year banquet:

Chicken for fortune

Crispy sweet n sour chicken

Chicken chow mein

Fish for prosperity

Prawn toast

Crispy chilli prawns

Noodles for longevity (never cut noodles)

Chow mein Szechaun noodles

Duck is a symbol of fidelity

Crispy aromatic duck

Vegetables represent cleansing of the system

Vegetable spring rolls

Wontons represent gold ingots (wealth)

Chicken wontons

You readers may also be interested in Ken Hom’s Tesco Chinese meal range meal deal

Ken Hom’s Tesco meal range - £5 meal deal:

The Ken Hom meal range includes over 25 delicious dishes and can be found in the chilled food aisle at Tesco, retailing from £1.00. Over the Chinese New Year period (19.1.11 to 8.2.11) Ken’s delicious chilled oriental range will be available on a £5 meal deal offer

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