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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Playmais - Half-Term fun for indoor creativity

PlayMais – the ultimate in playing nice!

Award winning craft sensation PlayMais is here! Introducing an eco-friendly, green and fun new modelling material. Play with it, build with it, create with it, you can even eat it!

PlayMais is a revolutionary craft toy using 100% natural ingredients. Sweetcorn and plant dyes are moulded into colourful building material, which, using just a dab of water, stick to each other. Like all simple ideas, it’s brilliant! Once you start you can’t stop – this is THE ideal crafting toy for young artists!

Not only is PlayMais fully biodegradable and eco-friendly, all of the packaging and box contents are too – even the cutting tool in each pack is made from the cornstarch!

My family all loved Playmais and getting them all to like the same thing takes some doing. Playmais is brightly coloured and stimulates the imagination. As a busy mum, all too often I set my children up with activities whilst I get on with other things. However, I found myself getting really involved in the creative process with my children when trying out Playmais. Even Daddy got involved on his return home from work being quite proud of his efforts in building a jungle with the kids.

There really is no end to what you can make with Playmais. The only limit is your own imagination. It is so easy to use, just requiring water for sticking so no messy glue or anything like that.

We are so keen on it that we have set up a special area in the kitchen so we can leave our Playmais models on display.

We were also impressed with Playmais' eco-friendly credentials.

PlayMais has already won awards in its native country Germany, and is taking the UK market by storm, currently holding accolades from the NATLL Good Toy Awards, the ToyTalk Awards and Creative Play.

With a pack to suit everyone, PlayMais is available in a variety of sizes and themes. Generic boxes come in sizes Small, Medium and Large, and there are also Basics buckets containing 500 and 1000 pieces whilst the themed packs include Animal Farm, African Jungle, Deco, Safari, Princess and Sea World.

PlayMais is available now from John Lewis, Amazon and all good toy shops and retails from around £4.99 to £19.99. For more stockists go to and click on the Playmais icon

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  1. This looks fabulous, will definitely be buying some! Found you via, BMB great blog x