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Thursday, 3 February 2011

I came across Carnation products recently and realised how I did not usually include them on my shopping list. That made me think how my food cupboards and freezer may have very different contents from those of my late mother's way back in the day when I was little.

Mum had the following which rarely if ever would appear in my home

1 Condensed Milk
2.Golden Syrup
3. Black Treacle
4. Pilchards
5. Fish Roe
6. Camp Coffee
7. Tripe
8. Offal
9. Cider vinegar
10. Angel Delight

Things I have that she would not have had include ..

1. Pasta
2. Noodles
3. Ready Meals
4. Beans and Sausage Tins
5. Breakfast Bars
6. Fromage Frais
7. Risotto Sauces
8. Haagen Daaz Ice-cream
9. Greek Yoghurt
10. Low-fat spread

What does that tell us about how times have changed?

Which do you like and not like?

Does Mum's list bring back any memories and remind you of the lovely things you can make with Carnation, Golden Syrup and Black Treacle?

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