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Wednesday, 10 November 2010

You tell me my house is lived in

You tell me my house is "lived in" and I think you are absolutely right.

My house is lived in because my children's artwork is on the kitchen table.

The breaksfast things are waiting to be washed because I am writing, doing the thing I love.

There are books in most rooms and not all on shelves from fiction to reference books showing that the people who reside here have wide-ranging interests.

There are ornaments, daft things bought for Halloween and Christmas. Also salt dough pumpkins and ivy leaves made by the prolific artist that is my little girl.

There are lots of pictures too, things that I have bought and things handed down from my late mum. Her taste perhaps but a generator of fond memories. There are children's paintings everywhere.

There are several laundry baskets because washing in this house never ends. Partly ths is due to my fashionista daughter who changes several times a day just for fun. Partly because we live on a smallholding so things get muddy.

The mantlepiece is straining under the weight of my son's birthday cards and also the adoption card my Dad sent me last week. There are also personal items there from a photo of my late mum to an owl she bought for my son so that he would remember her as a wise old bird.

There are recipe books and lots of them because I like to try different foods and my husband also enjoys cooking. There are bun cases and tins lined up with blueberries in a punnet for today's recipe.

There are leads for our three dogs and the top of the freezer acts as a landing pad for all manner of things.

There are raffle tickets, a bag for filling for the charity shop and a shoebox to be filled for Christmas. Showing we care and are part of the community.

That is just downstairs.

Yes, my house is lived in and reflects a loving family having lots of interests but more importantly, lots of fun.

In the end, the only real point of life is to make memories and a "lived in" house generates loads.

Here's to members of the "lived in" houses club.

I would much prefer to know you than someone with a house straight out of a Next photo-shoot.

So who wants to join my "lived in" club?


  1. Lorna Byrne (@lbyrne74 on Twitter)10 November 2010 at 02:33

    Meeeee! Definitely - you're a woman after my own heart. A house should be a home, not a show-piece :)

  2. I do!! I want to join your club - we match all the criteria! ;0)

    Thanks for reminding me that I'm not failing the family by not having a spotless show home.

  3. Definitely agree that a house should be a home!!

    When we moved into our first house my mum bought us a sign for our kitchen which reads:

    "My house is clean enough to be healthy but dirty enough to be happy"

    Laura xx

  4. I want to join your club!! Many years ago I was married, young, first home etc, now many years later in my own flat-and I have been told since the day I had my own flat how they come in and feel comfy and at home, whereas in my house when married felt they couldn't relax, drop a crumb. My health stops me doing a lot of what I want to do, and I would still like it to be cleaner, but you know its ok, its comfy its mine, and I have books everywhere and I love that!!