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Tuesday, 9 November 2010

That would be my job then!

The alarm clock goes off. I don't like it but I get up at its demand. Him Indoors who bought the thing stays firmly glued to the duvet.

The children need waking up. They then need directing to their neat piles of clothing that some sort of Brownie must have come in and done overnight.

Breakfasts need to be served allowing for their individual tastes.

Multivitamins are given.

Bookbags are checked to ensure they have everything they need for the day ahead.

Him Indoors arrives downstairs and makes a lot of noise and a lot of apparent activity ensues but he seems to have done nothing towards getting the children ready for school.

Two minutes before it is time to set off to the bus stop, the teenager in training announces that he needs his PE Kit. Where is it? He doesn't know. Apparently it is my job to know just like it was my job to tell him that he was in his 5 year old brother's trousers earlier.

Him Indoors having heard there is a new female bus driver volunteers to walk the children to the bus stop.

I go upstairs and find unmade beds. That would be my job then.

I go to the loo and survey the carnage of toothpaste, toothbrushes, towels on the floor and so on. That would be my job then and ladies, we know that cleaning the loo is ALWAYS my job.

I wash up and put things away.

After lunch, Him Indoors enters the kitchen and says "Look at the state of this floor". There appears to be no obvious connection between this statement and picking up a mop.

That would be my job then!

I guess at least in this mad, mad world I will never be redundant.


  1. It seems that we have very similar jobs.... ;-)

  2. It seems that my OH seems to have gone to same 'training school' as yours. He gets up when we're ready to leave the house and wonders why I'm stressing at kids not listening

  3. Ho hum. I think I'd start delegating - just tell them no more meals until they've cleaned up their own messes!

    - Lauren