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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Persil's new washing liquid - good value and greener too

Persil have launched a range of bigger packs. These offer better value and a greener solution to clothes washing.

Extra cleaning power pre-treaters are incorporated in the liquids saving busy and cash-strapped mums having to buy more than one product

The new Persil Small and Mighty liquid covers 85 washes at just 17 pence per wash.

As the liquid is concentrated, Persil Small and Mighty uses less packaging and less lorries for transporting purposes. Hence, it can truly claim to be doing its bit for the environment. With its strong cleaning power, you can also think green and turn down the temperature on your washing machine.

Persil tackles stains that are common to mums everywhere such as mud, grass and food.

I tested this product and found it was superb particularly at bringing up school uniform like new. I will be using Persil Small and Mighty from now on.

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