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Thursday, 4 November 2010

National Adoption Week - view from a 13 year old

I don't cry very often.

For various reasons, I have learned not to show my feelings and to bottle things up. I like to appear hard. Don't let them in and they can't hurt you. I am not going to trust people with my feelings and be abused again.

They took my little brother and sister away. I know they had to go and they are better off in their adopted family. But I love them and I don't get why I can't see them when I would never harm them in any way. I need them and I bet they need me too.

I cried today when my social worker brought me some news about them. Could not stop, curled up in a foetal position, sobbing.

I miss them so much


  1. This is such a sad sad and emotional post. I wish I could give the thirteen year old a big hug, it must be such a horribly difficult time for them.

    Personally I have never had any experience of adoption but I'm following your blog with great interest and your posts are helping me to understand some of the issues, concerns and difficulties that adoptive parents and adopted children have to go through.

    Well done on sharing such difficult stories and on raising awareness of these issues.

    Love and hugs, Laura xxx

  2. Hi, I now have found you and thank you for leaving a comment on my blog and for the welcome to Mummy Bloggers (new thing for me too). Hope to hear from you again and get to know you.