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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Kids IQ Books - a one-stop books website for educational and fun books

We love the Kids IQ Books website. It is great to find such a range of quality sets and individual titles in one place. This website helps you start the process of making reading a pleasure for your children and also backing up their educational development.

The people at Kids IQ Books offer helpful advice. Prices are affordable and there is free delivery on orders over £25. So it is a great website to visit for your Christmas shopping and sort out several family gifts in one go.

Kids IQ Books encourage parents to work with their children on their learning journey. Many of their educational books tie in with the UK Curriculum.

Our children reviewed two lovely sets of books.

The first was Enid Blyton’s “The New Adventures of the Wishing-Chair”.

This brought back fond memories for mum and it was great to see the books via the Wishing Chair transporting my little girl to other worlds. The stories and characters gripped her right from the start. We could see these magic al stories capturing and feeding her imagination. She felt she had discovered a new friend in Wishler the Pixie

The books were very attractive with colourful and sparkly covers and good illustrations inside. We liked the little touches of having a list of characters with their pictures in the front along with a label so she could make the book hers by writing her name in it.

The second set was “Flat Stanley” by Jeff Brown with pictures by Scott Nash.
My sons aged 5 and 10 both loved these books laughing out loud at the idea of how Stanley became Flat Stanley when a large notice board fell on him. Flat Stanley is only half an inch thick and this makes it possible for him to have all sorts of hilarious adventures. He goes into space and meets the Queen of England for example.

The books were attractive with colourful covers and great pictures inside. The comedy is great and enjoyed by parents and children alike.

Kids IQ Books make buying books simple, affordable and enjoyable. Check out today

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  1. Oh I remember the Wishing Chair *sighs* Must check it out:) Jen