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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Happy Birthday darling - you are into double figures!

Today is my son's tenth birthday.

Ten years ago, I was in the birthing pool wondering just how long this was going to take. My first son had gone into a weird position so I had spent three days in what I thought was pain until the real stuff began! The birthing pool was wonderful, so warming and comforting. Definitely the right birth plan for me.

My son put in his appearance at 2 minutes past eleven in the morning on a glorious Autumn day. I did not even realise whether it was morning, noon or night. When the pain stopped and there were excited cries of "It's a boy!", I looked out of the window and saw reds, golds and oranges in the trees and felt at peace in a way never experienced before.

And there he was on my breast, my first blood relative. So special. My first babe, my husband's first son, my parents' first grandchild.

When my parents came to see him, Mum said that it was amazing how alert he was and that he would probably be very intelligent. It was so lovely to see Mum and Dad who had wanted grandchildren for years cuddling my little man.

Mum said she could die happy that day having seen him. The reality was she got 8 and a bit years with him but I know they were magical for her and that he will never forget his beloved Grandma.

As for Dad, he loved and loves him too and used to take him out so much that one of my son's first words was "Rover" for the car.

What can I say about my son? He is amazing. Bright, sensitive and kind-hearted. When he was little everyone adored him. Now he is older, he has had to take the bother that comes with people who don't understand that people are allowed to be different. My son likes to learn and has a passion for mathematics, science, geography and history. So bollocks to the bullies who can't leave him be.

Although a teenager in training with an attitude to match on occasion, there is nothing he likes better than a day out on his own with me talking about his stuff whether that be Pokemon or World War 2. Sharing special meals and walks, loving each other.

The world became a better place the day my son was born. Happy Birthday darling! May all your dreams come true.

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