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Thursday, 4 November 2010

National Adoption Week - a message from my adoptive Dad

This came in the post just now and in view of recent blog posts felt I had to share it.

This is just to tell you
That you really have done brill
Your wonderful achievement should give you a total thrill

If anyone doubted you
You've put them in your place
And you've earned the beaming smile
That's spread across your face

So just go out and celebrate
And have a drink of two
It's the least that you deserve
So off you go and have a few

In fact, you've done so well
You shouldn't even go to bed
So don't just have a couple
Get completely off your head!

Happy Memories of Bonfire Night 1968 and all the years since

Love Dad xxxxx

Do you think I am crying? You would be right!


  1. Such beautiful words, thank you for sharing with us.

    Your dad has put his feelings into words so well and is clearly very proud of you, as he should be :)

    Lots of love and hugs on the anniversary of the beginnings of your life with your adoptive family xxxxx

  2. What a lovely Dad! He must love you very much . What happiness you brought your (adoptive) family and they to you I am sure x

  3. Beautiful! This just proves that genetics don't matter when it comes to family and parenting. You and your Dad know it.

  4. Oh that's absolutely lovely. What a lovely thing to treasure.