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Monday, 15 November 2010

GTech Power Sweeper - highly recommended for floor cleaning

We are often asked to review products and they tend to be lovely so that we can give a positive review. However, sometimes there are occasions when we want to rave about something we test. This is the case with the Gtech Power Sweeper.

The sweeper really is a smart solution to power clean your home quickly.

I have had years of disappointment with vacuum cleaners from the budget brands to the very expensive. I can’t bear the thought that just because I have children, pets and a life that I cannot also have clean floors.

The Power Sweeper arrived and was very easy to put together with a leaflet packed with clear instructions. The Power Sweeper does not have any bags or fiddly attachments. Rubbish is collected in a box that is easy to pull out and empty.

I remained a bit cynical that the Power Sweeper would be effective remembering the old bulky carpet sweepers of yesteryear. I need not have worried.

As soon as I tested the Power Sweeper, I was over the moon. It dealt with everything from stubborn dog hairs to food spills in the kitchen. Apparently, it will even pick up things like glass without being damaged.

One real plus point with the Power Sweeper is that it weighs just 1.6kg. If, like me, you cannot work out weights, suffice to say that it is very light and easy to handle. It is also designed to be very flexible so you are not always having to pull furniture out but can work round it getting into all the nooks and crannies.

My Dad lives next door to us and at 83 years of age hates lifting and carrying his large vacuum cleaner. He is delighted that now he can borrow my Power Sweeper. He even likes the very modern look of the thing.

The Power Sweeper can be used for normal or deep cleaning jobs. You can use it on the stairs removing the front visor to allow the full stairs to be tackled. You can also remove the tall handle and have the sweeper in hand-held operation.

I highly recommend the GTech Power Sweeper and it is more than affordable too.

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