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Monday, 15 November 2010

Karvol Plug-in - a child friendly way to relieve the sniffles

Karvol Plug-In

There is little worse than the feeling of being unable to ease your baby’s discomfort. When they are tiny, there is so little you can give them when they get a cold. They suffer most at nights leading to disturbed nights for both of you.

Karvol is a trusted brand which combines an aromatic combination of oils – menthol, cinnamon and pine. When released, the oils unblock the nasal passages, ease discomfort and aid sleep.

We looked at the Karvol Vaporiser which helps ease breathing. It comes in a really user-friendly plug-in format so it can be used in any room in the house. This means you can have it in the bedroom at night and downstairs during the day.

I found the look of the Vaporiser a little confusing at first. This was my own fault as I had not read the packet before starting to try and get it to work. It comes with a childproofing key system so that your little ones cannot access the refills within the plug-in unit. The Vaporiser can be used for babies from the age of 3 months and would also be useful for children and adults alike.

My view on the Vaporiser is that it is an excellent addition to an already tried and tested range. I am very impressed with the childproofing system. The pack comes with three refills so lasts for 9 days.

The Karvol range also includes decongestant drops, capsules and a vapour rub.

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