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Friday, 26 November 2010

Plum Baby - a superfoods banquest for your little one

I would like to introduce you to Plum Baby which is an amazing range of organic superfoods for your baby.

There are a wide range of products for various age groups. They are attractively packaged and you just know the thinker behind Plum Baby is a mum herself. There are little clues in the way the food contain the best nutrient rich content and how meals come in plastic pots with lids on and in two packs so ideal for days out.

Which leads you to wonder what great brains ever put baby food in glass jars and expected it all to be eaten in one go. That is just not realistic when you are weaning your young baby or dealing with an active older baby.

Plum uses the superfood Quinoa in all its recipes backed up by a variety of simple, wholesome and delicious flavours. Plum does not use the baddies so you can give them to your baby guilt free knowing they don’t contain additives, preservatives, added salt or sugar or bulking agents. They are also fabulously reassuring as most do not contain eggs or dairy, gluten or GM ingredients. Parents are advised to check individual packages to check on the latter point.

Plum Baby is ready to eat or can be warmed by standing pots in hot water for a few minutes.

To give you an idea of flavours, our tester tried out;

Red cabbage with apple and chicken for savoury

French Bean with beef and apple

Blueberry, banana and vanilla for pudding

There are ranges of both pots and pouches for when you first start weaning with smooth blends and then a further range for babies over the age of 7 months. These encourage chewing but don’t have too many lumps to contend with.

When your child moves onto finger foods, Plum Baby is still there with its 12 months plus range featuring as an example spelt breadsticks.

Our testers were babies and found Plum a taste sensation complete with mucky faces, dribbles and so on. And our parent reviewers were reassured that they were feeding very good things indeed to their little ones.

Plum Baby – a guilt-free banquet for babies.

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