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Tuesday, 2 November 2010

National Adoption Week - reflections from a 9 year old

Having an adopted mummy feels quite weird and confusing.

Family gets mixed up and you are not sure who is who and who is actually part of your family at all.

Sometimes, you find it hard to know who your "real" grandparents are. You know and see some of them but not others.

When people ask you about how many uncles and aunties you have, you are not sure what to say.

I think mummy is sad sometimes that she does not know her real parents.


  1. Very sad and emotive post. Must be hard hearing it from your son's point of view but as they say, children say it as they see it where as adults tend to sugar coat everything.

    Reading your blog, specifically your experience of adoption has helped me to see it in a whole new light, thank you for sharing this with us.

    Love Laura xxx

  2. Thanks Laura.

    He is not a unhappy boy and I asked him for his viewpoint because I am trying to get across that the impact of adoption is long-lasting both in good and bad ways.

    Family is very important to my son.

    I am always honest about my past as it is part of my children's story too.

    Please keep visitng as lots more adoption stories this week

  3. How thoughtful and perceptive he is. This is how I felt as a child too. (I'm not adopted but mother and husband are). What a great son you have - and happy birthday to him too.