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Thursday, 25 November 2010

Nits! Make sure mum wins the battle with these helpful tips

Have you ever had nits? Have your children?

Let's not talk about it but let me blog about it and hopefully help you out a little.

The first time I got nits was in my twenties when I moved in with my partner and his children. It was such a shock as I had never had them before. The teenage girls were a challenge in their own right but the nits were far worse. I hated that feeling of something crawling around on my head and seeing them on my hands when I washed my hair. Yucksville is my word for moments like that.

I bought foul-smelling products and we eradicated the little blighters. However, that was in the late Nineties and since then, nits have become super-powerful villains. They are out to get you and are bigger and more horrible than ever before. They have heard the Nit Nurse is no more and they are having a party.

I have 3 children and a decade worth of experience of dealing with nits. I suppose for sanity's sake, it would be cool if you could learn to love them. Perhaps build them little houses and go to the pet shop for some food for them. Perhaps give them cute names ..

So here are my tips about nits plus a mention of a product that might help.

1. Anti-nit solutions do work but you need to keep it up or the children go back to school and get re-infested
2. Anti-nit solutions are pricey so do check out with other mums which they recommend. It is the same message for nit combs.
3. The most successful solution to preventing nits in my experience is keeping your children's hair very short. Easier with boys than girls.
4. Treat the family and close contacts not just one person.
5. It is difficult but there really is no shame in having nits so speak out and tell people. By doing so you help yourself feel better and them too.
6. You are not a bad parent if you child gets nits.
7. You are not a bad parent if your children does not get nits.
8. Head lice cannot survive off the scalp for long but it is technically possible to catch them from hats and bedding. To be sure, consider washing such items at 60 degrees.
9. It is a myth that head lice can swim, jump or fly.
10. Nits don't mind how clean or mucky a head is. They just like to live on scalps.

Now for some good news ....

Head to

Register your concern and receive a sample of Vosene Kids 3 in 1 Shampoo

Use it and help stop head lice because prevention is better than cure.


  1. We tried all sorts of combs, lotions and mousses before we found a winner through a school nit busting program. We use the bug buster comb from CHC (Community Healthcare Concern) and it's great. Even if you're not likely to come into contact with head lice, a weekly sweep with it gets fluff and grit (ever had a kid pour sand over their head?) out so your scalp is nice and healthy. It helps keep dandruff down too, presumably because of the scalp being healthier. You can buy just a comb or a kit of combs which includes stickers and a bug busting guide and there's, even a Kipper gets nits book from Oxford reading tree available now. The kits are packed by people with learning disabilities who might otherwise struggle to find employment, so it helps them too. Our kit lasted for years before the comb got broken by a too rough child, so it's good value. I think it was about £6 per kit.