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Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Little Me Organics - a range of bathtime treats for baby and mum too!

I had the absolute pleasure of testing the Little Me Organics range of products.

There are bubble baths, hair and body washes and body creams. All of the products contain essential oils so you get the benefits of aromatherapy without any synthetic nonsense. Indeed, Little Me works with the well-known aromatherapist Glenda Taylor.

The products are packaged in clean-looking, colourful and attractive containers. They appealed to me along with the names of the products which suggest there are fun people behind the Little Me brand.

Yippee Playtime contains rose, neroli and organic mandarin

Mmm Moisture Babies contains chamomile and organic lavender

Shh Sleepy Head contains dill and organic lavender.

I tested the Yippee Playtime bath bubbles first. As I poured some into the bath, there was a lovely scent of fresh roses. I could almost see rose petals so evocative was the fragrance. I could also detect neroli which I know is a feel-good oil. What I liked was that the sweet smells continued throughout bathtime. All too often, I am disappointed that bubble baths give either bubbles or scents. Little Me gives both.

Next, I tried the Mmm Moisture Babies hair and body wash. I was surprised at the look of the product when I pumped it out of the bottle. It looked like the inside of those snowball cakes. I was also surprised that it did not lather up a lot. I need not have worried as after hair-washing, the children's locks were soft and silken. So much so that I decided to wash my hair with it too.

Little Me Organics bathtime range is suitable for all age groups. They have a special range for mums-to-be. Also do check out the lovely £15 Shh Sleepy Head gift box packed with bathtime treats and with a bath toy and face-cloth included. A perfect gift for a new mum and her little one.

For further information on which supermarkets stock the product or how to buy it online, visit

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