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Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Counting 1 2 3 - a fun learning game from Chimp and Zee

Are you a mum who likes your children to have fun but also likes to see
them learning when playing?

Chimp and Zee's games encourage learning through play. We tested the Counting 1 2 3 activity set which consists of 20 glittery cards encouraging puzzle-matching fun.

I expected my 4 year old son to enjoy the game as he has just started school and is excited about counting. He did love matching the numbers to the pictures with the correct number of items on them. However, the game also appealed to my 6 year old daughter perhaps because she loves learning and pretty things. Even my teenager in training aged 9 got in on the act and it was lovely to see them all playing together.

The children enjoyed placing the cards on the floor in different ways and seeing how long the line was if they put all the cards next to one another. As a parent, it was fabulous to see how confident they are with their numeracy even my little one.

The game also stimulated family conversation as we discussed the pictures on the cards. For example, there is a card with 17 carrots so we discussed who liked to eat carrots, what colour they are, how they grow and so on.

The box includes an attractive poster to place the cards on and there is a height chart on the reverse. You can record your children's growth every 3 months or so and they can see how they are changing and fast.

One of the key benefits of this game is its flexibility in that you can play it in many different ways and it can be adapted to meet the needs of children of different ages. So you can play matching games with younger children and memory games as they get older.

My family loved Counting 1 2 3. Why not see if your family does too?

The game is affordable at £9.95 particularly as it entertains more than one person. For further details and other game ideas, visit

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