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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

National Adoption Week - view from an "official" sibling

It is National Adoption Week and I am blogging all week on this important topic. I am trying to look at it from different perspectives so hope you find the time to look at the other adoption posts and the interesting comments coming in too.

Here is the story of someone who in later life found out her mother had put a child up for adoption years before.

"I never really had a close mother and daughter relationship with Mum. I felt that I was never good enough for her. It was like I never quite lived up to her expectations

I also always sensed she was hiding something from me. She was sad in some way and sometimes bitter to be honest. Maybe she was grieving the loss of her first child.

Finding out that my Mum had put a child up for adoption was strange of course. I was also very curious. I did not know if a relationship with that child could work but wanted to give it a go. Now I want to know that child's own children and to meet up at some point.

Times are different now and I did not judge Mum for what had happened in a different era when illegitimacy was such a stigma. However, I do wish she could talk with me openly about it and realise that I am not against her. I would understand but I can't do that if she won't communicate with me properly.

It's a difficult situation."

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